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Introducing our law firm

Three Individuals,
Approaching 100 Years of Cumulative Experience
Managing Benefit Programs for Employers

Introducing the Unconventional Benefits Firm
(because not all benefits are insurance based)

When you only sell insurance, every problem is approached as if the only solution possible is via insurance.

We provide multiple ANTIDOTES to the rising cost of healthcare that are NOT insurance, but rather, reduce the net outlay of providing healthcare to your workforce.  


When it comes to being able to Retain current employees and Recruit new employees, having an array of options allows everyone to pick the benefits best suiting their needs.  


 If you were a cookie, then a cookie-cutter solution would work.

Our Business Sectors


Individual Benefits

Unconventional Solutions

such as

Federal Subsidies for

employees + their families,

Medical coverage for those without Social Security numbers

These can  lower the costs to both the employer and the employee


Group Benefits

Unconventional Solutions

such as 

Safe Harbor hospital billing,

Family monthly deductible billing,

Personal Concierge




Each drives quantifiable savings to  the employer and employees 


Student Loan Subsidies

Unconventional Solutions

such as

Matching employees who have  federal student loans with federal loan repayment subsidies on average reduces payments by

62% or $5,616 annually.

This benefits both the

employer and the employee


Growth & Acquisition

​Unconventional Solutions

such as

Understanding the valuation of your acquisition target as well as your own . . . for when you exit. 

Then, execution of complex legal transactions can also limit IRS taxes while preserving your assets  

The ultimate employee benefit is a profitable company providing jobs

There Is Never a Bad Time

to  Save Money

-Nicole Fooshee

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G.A.P. Program Managers LLC

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